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Qigong is a system of health maintenance for the mind and body through varying styles of exercise that may also employ breathing techniques, visualization, self stimulation of specific acupuncture points via massage and body awareness.


Qigong Teachers Association United Kingdom was established in 2010 following the first 2 year certificated course with the intention of training enthusiastic and dedicated participants in the ancient tried and tested methods of self development through Qigong.
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The word comprises two characters:

Qi      =  meaning "energy", and

Gong meaning "work", "skill", "practice of".

Literally, Qigong means energy work, mainly pertaining to the body's energies in the context of  Qigong "Forms"  (series of  exercise movements).

Present thinking approximates over 3000 styles of Qigong worldwide!

Each style has its roots in one or more of the six main traditions.

Throughout time, scholars and practitioners combined  principles of chosen traditions to suit the period, the people and their environment, hence stylizing their own trademarked Qigong.

Considering that the roots of Qigong is steeped in over 3,500 years of Chinese history and culture, the six main stems or traditions can be traced back to the following influences:

                1. Medical Qigong  2. Daoist Qigong   3. Buddhist Qigong

               4. Confucian Qigong   5. Martial Qigong   6. Ethnic Qigong

Although Qigong is induced by these influences, it is important to appreciate Qigong practice as a discipline and not a religion.

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